Assistant Director of Finance - Job Description

Job Title:

Assistant Director of Finance

Reports To:

Executive Director of Finance

Direct Reports:

Finance Manager & Rental Income Manager

Job Purpose:

Provide the executive and management team with strategic information, advice and support on matters that have financial implications for delivery of the organisation’s services.

To ensure the activities of the finance and rents departments are carried out to the highest standards of customer service, integrity and professionalism and in accordance with the regulatory requirements and relevant legislation.


  • Contribute to the strategic drivers of the Group through participation as a member of the wider executive management team;
  • To provide inspirational leadership to the finance and rent recovery teams. To assist in directing all financial and support activity of the organisation;
  • Strategically manage the organisation’s finance and rent recovery teams to ensure that customer’s needs are met and corporate business plan objectives are successfully delivered; and
  • To strive to deliver a financial and rent recovery service to the Group which is excellent value for money

Financial Accounting, Regulation & Risk Management

  • To assist in advising on methods for ensuring the most beneficial tax position (including VAT) for the Group;
  • To ensure that the Group’s financial systems comply with statutory requirements and best practice;
  • To lead the development and monitoring of policy, procedures, financial regulations and standing orders, ensuring adherence to good accounting practice, accounting standards and financial probity;
  • Overseeing and managing maintenance of adequate financial records, processing and recording of transactions and ensuring the appropriate accounting treatments are applied, complying with generally accepted accounting practice;
  • Responsible for financial reporting, the external audit process and overseeing the production of statutory accounts;
  • Responsible for reviewing and developing financial processes and adequate systems of internal control.

Business Planning, Management Accounting & Reporting

  • To lead in the business planning process and manage the preparation of the annual budget, coordinating the process and supporting operational managers as required;
  • To provide accurate, timely and relevant financial Information to the executive team and the Board;
  • Responsible for developing, reporting and monitoring Group’s performance through financial indicators;
  • To prepare management accounts within agreed timescales and other management and financial information as required; and
  • To advise budget holders and managers on financial matters supporting them in delivering efficient and effective value for money services.

Treasury Management & Funding

  • To assist with financial negotiations to ensure funding is available as and when required and input into the ongoing business relationship with the Group’s funders;
  • Responsible for reviewing and implementing the Group’s Treasury Management strategy;
  • Administration of funders requirements under the loan facility including rollover instructions, drawdown notices and covenant compliance and other non-financial undertakings such as valuations, security and other  information requirements; and
  • To manage short term cash flow, cash requirements and placement of surplus funds.

Development Accounting & Appraisals

  • In consultation with the executive team, plan for new developments and investment that are cost and energy efficient, within an agreed framework model for new business; 
  • Maximise tax efficiencies and compliance with the Charities Act by ensuring the most appropriate subsidiary is used for development;
  • Monitor cash flow and progress against the programme of all development projects and report progress to executive and board as appropriate;
  • Ensure development expenditure is controlled within budget and report potential variances or deficits; and
  • Administer any grant claims.

Income Recovery

  • Ensure the annual setting of rents and service charges in line with all relevant legislation;
  • Maximise the Group’s income by establishing an efficient system of rent collection and debt recovery, ensuring appropriate controls are in place and  performance meets agreed targets;
  • Ensure systems are in place to maximise recovery of Former Tenant Arrears;
  • Ensure there are appropriate policies and systems in place to adapt to regulatory changes, for example Welfare Reform, to ensure the risk to income recovery is minimised; and
  • Ensure the delivery of an efficient and effective Financial Inclusion Service.

Corporate Management

  • Assist the Executive Director of Finance in the compilation of the annual Corporate and Business Plans, setting and monitoring objectives in accordance with value for money principles;
  • To interpret existing and proposed legislation as it affects all issues relevant to the Group and report to the Group Leadership Team and/or Committee on possible impact; and
  • To prepare and present regular reports for the Board and its Sub-Committees, keeping them appraised of performance and procedures, new legislation and policy reviews, ensuring that the Board members have sufficient information to enable them to discharge their responsibilities effectively and as required by the regulator.

Staff and Performance Management

  • To recruit, train, develop and manage as appropriate to ensure value for money services are delivered for the organisation;
  • To embed a performance management culture ensuring performance and potential is maximized;
  • Evaluate and manage teams’ progress towards key performance indicators and business targets, and take action where necessary to ensure that the organisation’s objectives are achieved;
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of departmental plans for to deliver the business objectives; and
  • Manage individual performance in a fair and objective manner, consistent with the organisations procedure, strategic objectives and values, to support the delivery of customer focused, value for money services.

Decision Making

  • Prioritises work of the service area to ensure it meets operational service plans;
  • Applies a systematic approach to decision making and problem solving. Calculates and identifies risks involved in a particular course of action;
  • Has influence in shaping and determining changes to processes, policies and procedures; and
  • Makes decisions in line with the Groups Value for Money commitment.


  • Promote and embed equality and diversity as an integral aspect of working for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, leading by example;
  • To ensure the effective management of health and safety arrangements of staff, contractors and customers; and
  • To carry out any other duties which are consistent or commensurate with the role and or as directed by the Executive Director of Finance.

No job description can be entirely comprehensive and the jobholder will be expected to adapt  and carry out such other duties as may be required from time to time, on the understanding that they will be within the individual’s remit and capability, and consistent with the status and responsibilities of the role within the organisation.

Key Team Relationships

Key Internal working relationships are with:

  • Assistant Directors, Group Leadership Team and Senior Managers
  • Operational Teams across the Group
  • Colleagues and service users

Key External working relationships are with:

  • Third party suppliers and consultants
  • Partners / Agencies
  • Contractors - providing agreed services on the Groups behalf

Related Competencies at Fully Effective Level:

Efficient and Effective

  • Develops a culture where Value for Money is integral to all decision making
  • Understands what is good performance for their service area on Value for Money and plans for delivery
  • Understands the concept of ‘choice’ and how organisational choices impact upon their service area
  • Measures and understands the value delivered by their service area and how this compares to alternative choices the organisation may have
  • Contributes positively to Corporate Performance and supports the organisational delivery of Value for Money

Customer focus

  • Builds effective links both within and outside the Group
  • Strives for continuous customer service improvement
  • Provides first class service and support that exceeds agreed expectations for the customer
  • Ensures the business is resolving issues most important to the customer
  • Identifies areas of best practice and integrates them into the business
  • Achieves customer focused KPIs

Working Collaboratively

  • Develops the team to minimise conflict
  • Challenges inappropriate behaviour
  • Is passionate about the work of the team
  • Proactively communicates with external contacts
  • Ensures that they role model and promote positive team behaviour
  • Initiates business-wide team working and networking activity
  • Looks for opportunities to collaborate externally and will act upon these
  • Ensures that everyone in the team understands their contribution to the Group

Organisational awareness

  • Makes sound decisions in complex/urgent case and implements practical solutions
  • Involves others to encourage acceptance and support decisions
  • Spots trends in information that can support and improve the work of the Group

Challenges and learns

  • Shows ingenuity when faced with difficult situations
  • Actively supports and promotes innovation
  • Adapts style and approach to meet departmental needs and changing demands
  • Challenges the traditional way of developing people
  • Introduces innovative development activities

Leading and Motivating Others

  • Manages others through establishing mutual respect and understanding and creates an empowered environment
  • Creates challenging opportunities for all
  • Role models a range of leadership styles and holds people to account
  • Shares success by privately and publicly praising teams and individuals
  • Achieves results through effective performance management techniques

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