Director of Development - Job Description

Job Title:

Director of Development

Reports To:

Group Chief Executive

Management Responsibility:

Development & Garden City Homes


The Group leadership structure provides for overall leadership of the combined business by a team of experienced, skilled and adaptable executives whose primary responsibility is the collegiate leadership of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group. In addition, each will hold one or more business portfolios.

Collegiate leadership of the organisation through:

  • Contributing to the development of the Corporate Strategy and strategic aims
  • Leading the development and maintenance of an organisational culture that supports the delivery of business objectives
  • Developing appropriate and adaptable business systems
  • Establishing a fluid working environment that enables the businesses to exploit new business opportunities
  • Empowering the workforce to accept change as a constant
  • Creating and maintaining communication systems that ensure that customers are at the centre of all business decisions
  • Establishing, delivering and critically appraising governance policies, systems and practice across all aspects of the business

Corporate management

  • Scanning the operating environment and horizon to ensure that the businesses stay ahead of their competition
  • Creating and delivering 5-year corporate plans
  • Creating and delivering annual operational plans
  • Contributing to the appraisal of resource bids and prioritising commitments across the businesses
  • Ensuring that appropriate and consistent management and business controls are in place
  • Contributing to corporate governance by providing advice and guidance to the Group and subsidiary boards, committees and working groups
  • Ensuring that appropriate control systems are created and operating across the businesses

Portfolio Management

Each member of the Group Leadership Team (GLT) will be allocated a “management portfolio,” which they will be asked to lead for the Group. The composition of the portfolios and the allocation of deliverable outcomes will be subject to regular review.

Activities will move between portfolios and the priority of outcomes and resources will evolve as the business grows and develops. Each member of the GLT will operate within this changing environment and respond positively to the changing requirements of the business and the skills sets that are required.

Portfolio Management - Development

Required outcomes:

  • Take overall responsibility for the Group-wide development programme, ensuring that the development subsidiary has the appropriate training and skill sets necessary to secure a forward programme of schemes that will achieve corporate plan targets and the delivery of individual projects to agreed time, cost and quality standards.
  • Provide leadership to the teams delivering the Group’s development strategy and personally conduct or oversee the development and asset strategy of the Group and strategic negotiations with contractors, development partners, governance agencies, house builders, suppliers and other appropriate partners and third parties.
  • Lead the Group’s approach to expanding the development business, ensuring that appropriate resources are devoted to the identification of new opportunities and expansion of the range of housing options offered to tenants and other customers, supporting the management and growth of the Groups Garden City Homes option.
  • Provide financial and commercial appraisals of development opportunities and evaluate the commercial risk to the business.
  • Lead the Groups approach to all aspects of safety, legal and regulatory compliance arising from its developments.
  • Lead the Group’s approach to contract management, ensuring that appropriate resources are devoted to the assessment and management of contracts.
  • Represent the Group with tenants, customers and outside agencies, attending meetings and conferences and presenting and speaking in public as necessary.
  • Manage and influence colleagues’ performance to ensure that expectations are clear, poor and mediocre performance is tackled, and strong performance is recognised.

No job description can be entirely comprehensive and the jobholder will be expected to adapt and carry out such other duties as may be required from time to time, on the understanding that they will be within the individual’s remit and capability, and consistent with the status and responsibilities of the role within the organisation.

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